Rustic Kitchens in Spring House

Rustic interior design is characterized by its casual, natural style. Over the years, this style has become immensely popular, especially in kitchens. The neutral, handmade designs give us a warm, cozy feeling that’s hard to find with other styles. An inviting feeling is something that everyone strives for in their kitchen and the rustic aesthetic gives you just that. Whether you’re in the market to completely redo your kitchen or just want to add some upgrades, it’s possible to incorporate this natural style into anything. Let’s look at rustic kitchen renovation ideas that you’ll be sure to fall in love with. 

Rustic Kitchen Renovation Ideas

  • Change Up Your Accessories

Because not everyone is planning on doing a full kitchen remodeling, let’s begin with a tip that can work for everyone. Adding new accessories to your kitchen is a fun and budget-friendly way to make your kitchen more rustic. Try placing a wooden cutting board behind your stove or a neutral, geometric-patterned runner in front of your sink. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, placing flowers in a wooden vase on your island or countertops is a great way to break up the neutral tones. 

  • Light or Dark Wood?

Wood is an essential element in creating the perfect rustic kitchen. It can be added to almost anything, from your cabinets to your stools. However, the tone of your wood can be a big deal breaker to how your rustic kitchen looks. If your kitchen doesn’t get that much natural sunlight or is on the smaller side, consider using lighter wood to make it lighter and airier. 

  • Add a Touch of Stone

Having a rustic kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be fully decked out in wood. Adding in other elements, such as stone, can be a great way to break up the materials in your kitchen. Stone can be placed in many different places like your countertops or even in your flooring. 

  • Add a Pop of Red

Although you usually find neutral, earthy colors in a rustic kitchen, adding tones of cherry or dark red can give you a cozy feeling and a pop of color all at the same time. Maybe you have a kitchen door that would look great painted red. Or maybe you’d rather something simple like a red runner in front of your sink.

  • Install a Kitchen Fireplace

You can’t get more rustic than adding a fireplace to your kitchen. Although this is not possible for everyone, adding a fireplace to your kitchen allows you to utilize so many different natural elements like wood, stone, and fire.

Rustic kitchens are a great way to get back to our roots and create a cozy, inviting environment. Are you ready to start your dream rustic kitchen renovation? If you live in Spring House or the surrounding area, HomeTech Renovations is your go-to place for award-winning kitchen renovations. Contact us today to learn more and receive a complimentary in-home consultation. We can’t wait to make your dream rustic kitchen come to life!